Honda Fit are these easy fixes?

Hi there,
We have a 2007 Honda Fit which we love. I have two parts that are coming apart and would like to know how hard it would be to replace them and what the parts are called.

First is the rubber strip at the top of the windshield and second is the driver side door cover. See pictures.

I am going to get the roof re painted, California sun is deadly when you can’t park under the shade.

Thank you for your time and replies.

There is a moulding for the front windshield that should still be available
73150-SLN-003 is the part number a search came up with. Around $50 before tax and shipping.

Door panel you might find in a salvage yard fairly close to you.

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Thank you, does the 73150-SLN-003 part replacement require taking the windshield off or is it a simple replacement?
Thank you

Being the cheapskate that I am, I would go to the autoparts store and get a tube of “Right Stuff” sealant/gasket maker. Then I would gently pull up as much of the molding as I could without ripping it. Fill in the channel with the “Right Stuff” and push the molding back in place. Use a plastic putty knife or the corner of a credit card to scrape off excessive sealant and do any finishing touches with a wet finger. Tape over it with Painters tape (green or blue masking tape) to hold it in place while the “Right Stuff” cures. I would wait at least one hour, two would be better before driving anywhere, but leave the tape on for 24 hours.

As for the arm rest, there should be a screw underneath to tighten it in place. I don’t think you need a new one.


I really doubt you have to take out the windshield out, Older Honda’s you used a trim removal tool to unclip the old moulding and then you push the new moulding into place. But if your windshield needs replaced anyways the glass company would put in a new moulding as part of the replacement, at least on other Honda’s