2017 Honda Accord Sdn - Door rattles

Rattling noise passenger door.

Remove the inside door panel. Let us know what was causing the rattle.

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Diy’er removing door panel on my Corolla a little tricky. Have to remove a spring clip holding the window crank on, job requires a certain amount of magic. Wonder if Accord requires the same or similar trick? As PB say, pretty much anything inside the door could have worked loose. I’ve found some of the fasteners holding the metal window channel to the door frame laying loose, at the bottom of the door.

Yeah, cars con’t come with manual windows anymore… :wink:

But there is probably still a trick. YouTube is great for stuff like that. Shows you the tricky bits.


My daughter had told me one day she had a noise coming from her driver’s door. I told her to check the door pocket to see if it was something inside moving when she gave it gas or braked. she told me there was nothing in the door pocket she took it all out. well, a few days later when she came over, I took a look. It turns out there was a pair of studded earrings she must of took off and put there that she forgot about. the way the pocket was shaped you could not see them when looking inside. but when I stuck my fingers inside, I could feel them.


I have a window crank clip removal tool at home and at work, obsolete tool. I looked at the price of the Snap-On door panel tool set in my box, more than $300. Tool prices have passed me by during the last 30 years.

Usually the rattle is within the door panel or switch panel, removing the door panel eliminates the noise.