Honda stops dead in heat but restarts easily

i live in LA - it’s been killer hot- my automatic Honda Accord just stops - engine stops- radio still on NO AC on. i put it in neutral- slow to safe place - put in park and restarts easily

what’s up with this- i don’t want to be hit by another car if this continues to happen i put in a $125 part that my mechanic sug"guess"ted and still the problem.

Sounds like the fuel pump relay module.

But you probably need to fill us in on what year Accord, and what was the part you replaced for $125.


it’s a 1998 has 166000 miles it’s an automatic transmission was rebuilt 2 years ago

my mechanic said he installed (on Monday) a main line relay - says you can call it a fuel pump relay - says they are the same??? are they??

still having the problem

When you say “no AC” do you mean the air stops coming out cold, or the fan quits blowing any air at all? Do the idiot lights come on on the dashboard like when you have the key turned to “on” without starting it?

Your description doesn’t sound quite like the MO for the main relay, since usually it doesn’t cause the car to quit while it’s running and it usually won’t just immediately restart.

One thing I’d mention is that if it does happen in the middle lane of one of your 10 lane freeways, you can very carefully shift the car into neutral and restart it while it’s still moving. Give it a few seconds between shifting into neutral and turning the key to make sure the engine isn’t still turning from the momentum of the car.

sorry let me clarify- i wasn’t using the AC ( pollutes the environment but it works great) but the radio was on and the electrical system seems fine. yes, the lights on the dash illuminate at the first turn of the key before ignition- the ignition and battery are fine (battery is only a few months old).
yes, i have done that “ease into the right lane on the freeway” probably why my hair turned grey overnite- not a fun experience - but this particular issue has not happened while i am driving on the freeway - only level surface streets - go figure

so what do you think the problem is and more important how can i fix it- maybe it’s time for a “new” used car from ??? which one is reliable… the car fax report on this particular was doctored…

I think he guessed as educated as possible with the main fuel relay except for the part where it starts right back up again. Main relays need to cool off first. About the only thing to do is guess at this point but I would start with making sure the coil and related parts like the distributor and cap are up to par. Also fuel pump could be stopping in mid stream although unlikely. Its a toss up, replace likely parts or pay someone $80 an hour to put the test equipment on and drive it around till it fails.

thanks. good ideas. will take them one step at a time starting w/the coil distributor and cap (the cheapest fix) and work my way up to the other items… eliminate and conquer…
time for another means of transportation

I agree that the main relay was a good educated guess. Actually, I’m not sure event recorders would be necessary for this one.

The two possibilities are that you’re losing spark and that you’re losing fuel. Fuel pump pressure can be tested and the regulator chacked. For the spark, a shop can put this on a scope and look at the sprak traces. That’s invaluable information in assessing ignition system problems. With judicious use of a heat gun they might even be able to induce a failure. My first wild guess would be the coil, as they often become heat sensitive over the years. My second guesss would be the ignitor portion of the distributor. But these are guesses that can be confirmed with the test equipment.

wow!! Thanks so much! to everyone who responded. YOu saved me so much time and MONEY!! I will pursue all your suggestions…