96 Honda Accord- main relay issue?

Last spring my Accord began suddenly turning off, just shutting down completely after about 10- 15 minutes of drive time. It was not stalling out, no battery issues, it was just basically turning off and I’d have to let it sit for about 30 minutes before it would successfully start up again.

The distributor and ignition module were replaced however it’s doing the same again; turning off after about 20 minutes of drive time. The miles have no effect on this as it can sit in park and still power down after this time period.

Someone suggested it may be main relay switch? But when I looked that up it seemed that the car would need to be unable to start at all. In my case it will start and run well, but power out after 20 min and need to rest in order to restart. Any ideas?

I think the fuel pump relay acts up on these cars. Especially when they get warm or hot.

Inexpensive and easy to replace. Which engine do you have? You don’t need to go to a dealer for this.

It’s a 4 cylinder. Problem is now it’s not acting up and turning off. I was going to bring it into the mechanic later tonight but tested it out for myself and it’s been running without shutting down for almost an hour. I believe it’s still a safety hazard though. Does this sound like a fuel pump? And what exactly is a relay? Thanks for your response.

Is it getting cold in your location?

These relays act up more in hot weather.
Next time it acts up give the left underside of the dash a whack with the heel of your hand.
If it starts back up right away then it’s definitely the relay.

Buy the part for $31.90. http://www.amazon.com/90-97-Honda-Accord-Civic-Relay/dp/B001KUN2MC

Find it under your dash and replace it yourself. http://www.ehow.com/how_4509217_replace-main-relay-honda-accord.html

The colder the weather, the less it will act up.

Hmmm. That’s interesting about the cold/hot weather. It has just recently been very cold (high temp reaching about 30). This problem started when it got COLDER out not hotter. Maybe it has something to do with the use of the heater in the car? I don’t think it’s safe to drive to even experiment with if it acts up,although I would love to whack the dash and see if it helps. haha.
There’s no way I’m installing it myself, I don’t want to say it’s because I’m a girl but… it’s because I’m a girl who knows very little about auto repair.

Buy the replacement part. Find that same part under your dash. Undo the connection, put the new relay in its place. After you do this once, you’ll be an expert.

Google Honda Accord Fuel Pump Relay, do a little research first if you care to.

The mechanic you took it to should have known about this relay commonly failing.