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Not Starting When Hot - 2002 Honda Accord

Last summer and this summer I have had a hard time starting my car when it is hot and humid out (I live in DC, so this is most of the summer.) In the winter or on cooler days it starts right up, but on hot and humid days I have to crank on it for a while before it will fire up. Sometimes it will start up right away on these days but die immediately, then I am stuck sweating my butt off in a hot car while I crank on it to start.

Any ideas what this might be? The Honda dealer was no help, they tried to sell me a new starter and battery (it is turning so I know they are not the culprits.) When I finally got someone at the dealer to listen to me, he suggested a fuel relay, a sensor,r something else I can’t recall. But in the end he said they would just be changing out all of these until one works, at my expense.

Classic symptom of a fuel pump relay needing replacing. Under the dash. These Hondas are notorious for this. When the relay gets too warm it doesn’t work correctly.,carcode,1386200,parttype,3380 I’d buy this one for $21.99, find it under the dash & replace it yourself.

Agreed. Sounds like the main PGF relay under the dashboard. This usually happens with older cars, however, like mid-90s.

Thanks for the advise! I have a V6 so the part for my model was $38, but much cheaper than any shop would charge me to troubleshoot and replace. Hopefully by the weekend I will have a car that starts consistently.

I don’t think the relay is different in the V6. The Airtex/Wells model, if you click on “choose” showed one on wholesale closeout for $21.99.

There’s not a 100% guarantee this will solve your problem but it’s worth a try.