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Honda Recall Power Steering Hoses

My girlfriend has a 2007, v6, Honday Accord. She had difficulty turning the steering wheel, accompanied with a loud noise. She took it to a local garage and they diagnoised it as a leak in the power steering hose which she had replaced for about $400. When she used the car the following day, the problem was still there and seemed to be a little worse. She called the garage and they said for her to bring the car back which we’ll be doing tomorrow. Also, coincidentally, we saw that Honda issued a recall for this.​a-fi-autos-honda-recall-20121002. As a result, we have the following questions:

-Is there any recourse for full or partial reimbursement from Honday? Afterall, if we took it to Honda, then Honda dealer would bill Honda Manufacturer anway.

-Should garages be familiar with recalls?

-Assuming the local garage fixes the problem, do you recommend that we still take it to the dealership?


“Is there any recourse for full or partial reimbursement from Honday?”

Open the Owner’s Manual, and find the toll-free phone number to contact Honda at the corporate level. Manufacturers will normally reimburse car owners for recall-related repairs that were performed at a non-mfr affiliated repair facility. More than likely, she can be reimbursed if she sends copies of her repair invoices to the correct address, and IF the VIN of her car is within the number range of the group of cars that was recalled.

A conversation with one of the customer relations folks at Honda’s corporate level should enable you to get the ball rolling on this process.

I’d take it to Honda, with a copy of the receipt, see what they’ll do. A garage doesn’t keep up on recalls. But the recall was for leaking hoses, if they replaced the leaking hose it sounds like you have a different problem. Perhaps your girlfriend drove it too long with low fluid, damaging the pump. I don’t know if the recall will cover that damage.

Thanks appreciate the feedback

or if she used the wrong fluid?? honda’s have there own fluid