2010 Honda Accord Power Steering Fluid Leak

I have a 2010 Accord that started leaking power steering fluid at around 10,000 miles. In February 2011, I complained to the Honda service technician when I took the car in for an oil change about the leak. At that time, the service technician told me he did not see a leak and that I should simply continue adding power steering fluid as needed.

I took my car in for another oil change this month, now my car mileage is 46,000, and the technician informed me that the power steering fluid is linking and it is now necessary to replace the “rack” and “boots.” The repair will cost about $1000. Though my car is no longer under warranty, the dealership agreed to pay for 50% of the repair. I have asked that the dealership pay for 100% of the repair, but I was told that they would not do that.

My question is whether I should accept that offer, or argue my case with the corporate office in hopes that the repair will be paid by the dealership.
Second, I wonder if I can use a power steering fluid with a leak sealant to solve the problem.

I would appreciate feedback from anyone who has knowledge or experience with this sort of issue.

YES 100% CALL HONDA !! The worst they will say is no, and maybe they will pick up the other 50% of the repair… Totally worth the price of a phone call to find out !

If you have records of reporting the leak while the vehicle was under warranty the dealer should replace the rack & pinion for free. This is called an Ongoing Warranty issue. This is set up so consumers don’t get ripped off from dealers who say there’s nothing wrong with vehicle while it’s under warranty when there actually is a problem, and then once the vehicle is out of warranty the dealer comes back and say’s there is a problem.