Reimbursement for private repair from GM

Has anyone done private repairs on their car during a recall (GM) when there were no parts yet available? Just wanted to see if anyone has had success doing this in the past. Any responses are welcome.

Most recalls have provisions for having already paid for the repair ( I’ve seen that wording in my Ford ones ). But I’m not sure about d.i.y. so have receipts ready from any other repair shop and ask for them to file .

I have done repairs on GM cars and the work was later part of a recall. The local dealerships inspected the repairs and made a copy of the bill and within a few weeks the car owners were reimbursed the full amount. The recalls were quite plain in explaining that GM would take care of customers who had taken their cars to private shops prior to receiving the notice or even if they were not sent a notice from GM. I can’t imagine them reimbursing for parts when the work was done by the owner though. But nothing ventured nothing gained, as they say.

Thanks for the responses! Whoa! I won’t be doing the repairs. I have a mechanic that I trust who can do the repairs. I just wanted to know if anyone had actually gotten the work done and been reimbursed. I will check the provisions in the recall to see about this. Didn’t know that there was anything in writing from GM in the recall docs. I will certainly check this out.

Ford says ;
’‘Ford Motor Company is offering a refund for owner-paid repairs covered by this recall if the repair was performed prior to the date indicated in the reimbersement plan posted within this bulletin.’'
Key wording, I think, is ‘‘prior to’’.
So I’m not sure if you can choose and indy shop now that the GM recall has been issued and still expect a refund. Plus they have their time table and labor rates that may be different than what you paid.

As you already said, check your recall papers or ask the dealer.
It may not be in the owner’s letter but is in the dealer recall along with rental vehicles, claims preperation, related damage, stock vehicles, sold vehicles, salvaged vehicles and other paragraphs of info.

I got a recall notice a couple days ago and I believe it said if you “already” had the repair done you could get a refund. I don’t believe once a recall is issued you can just go have it done someplace else and charge GM for it if that’s what you mean.

Thanks for your response ken green. So, if I ask the dealership, they will know if I can be reimbursed? Will they actually tell me? I’ll still look. This recall stuff is taking on a life of its’ own.

Well , they better tell you ! any dealer worth their salt will pull out the entire reacall and let you read it for yourself.
We dealers get a recall every week, it’s just a normal part of our day. The few that make the news are just a drop in the bucket.
There’s recalls for everything from door handles to reprograming the pcm for emmisions, floor mats to squeeks.
Vehicle manufacturers have used the recall as a means of r&d for years, most don’t make the news and parts re-designs and number changes are the result…hence the outcry over GM’s ignition switches when the known faulty switches did NOT result in a number change nor recall.

If you bring your car in for an oil change , when we write the r.o. the vin will state if open recalls exist. If so, we tell you and write it on the same r.o. if you have the time today.
If you didn’t buy the car from us…we do the recall.
If you’re out of town and just passing through…we do the recall.
If you don’t have the paper letter, we do the recall.
if there’s no time limit listed and it’s three years late, we do the recall !

Thanks for your response Bing. No, I would really prefer to have the dealership do the work. The issue is that GM “doesn’t have the parts.” I’ve heard from people with the same issues who have been waiting and waiting. I just know that I don’t want to be the person who dies in a crash because of this issue; especially this winter; still waiting for parts from GM. The steering has gone from happening sometimes to daily, which to me isn’t good news. I’ve been having this problem for a year and then in March 2014 I got the recall notice. So, now I think that it’s getting to be a serious issue.

Get a quick release key ring like I have. ( and I don’t have a faulty chevy )
All three trucks, two houses, work keys and remotes stay in my pocket.
With a quick snap I have only the ignition key in my hand.

Then practice what to do if it were to turn off in that manner, panic is the enemy.
ultimately you’ll want to put it in neutral and restart or come to a stop and restart it.
At least turn the key forward so the column doesn’t lock, the power steeing will be off so it will take some muscle to turn the wheel. Once under control ( going in the right direction ) make the attempt to restart.

“… I don’t want to be the person who dies in a crash because of this issue…”

What’s your life worth? Get it fixed and deal with GM later.

Which recall is this for that involves steering? Is this the electric steering? Might have to talk to the dealer about a provisional repair with the old parts if its getting that bad. If no revised parts are available though, an independent garage is not going to be able to update it.

Yes, it is electric steering. @harpalong, contact the dealer and make sure they know how bad it is. This should put you at the front of the line in recall repairs. If not at one dealer, contact more. As a last resort, ask for a rental car at GMs expense. I read that GM was providing rental cars for the ignition switch recall, and might do so for you. That would definitely put you at the head of the line to get the rental car off their books. Just keep calm and don’t tee-off on them. It’s amazing what a calm attitude can accomplish. Tell them you are frustrated and afraid of the possibilities if the steering fails in the wrong circumstances. It just might work.