Pilot Problems



I bought my car new and have had no problems, except that every month or so, my car wont start, and requires a jump. This began about 4 months ago. When I took it to the dealer, they tested the battery, which was fine, and the alternator was also ok. I am trying to avoid costly diagnositic costs, and wondered if anyone had any ideas?


When trying to start the vehicle, if it makes a “click” noise and doesn’t start. It’s most likely an electrical connection problem first and then have the starter solenoid inspected. Go to an independent instead, it’s cheaper and you get the same job done.


What year is it and how many mile on it?


How old is it? I missed it if you said. If it is still under warranty, better keep going to the dealer when it fails.

I am not so sure about a bad connection. If it starts okay with a jump then the connection seems to be precluded, no?


It is a 2008 with around 40K miles on it. It does start up fine with a jump, and after this, it will function normally for weeks. Then, out of the blue, it will happen again. I have also had it die after leaving the car just turned on for 10 minutes or so, but the motor was not running.