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Honda Pilot 2006 electrical problem

While driving 1 of 3 issues occur… radio will click off for 2 seconds, entire dash turns off for 2 seconds (car continues to run), or all electric clicks off and car shuts off. If left to sit for a few minutes car will restart. Will occur a bunch of times in one trip and then not for a week. Does not seem to depend on type of driving or weather conditions. Any ideas? anyone have similiar issues? Honda cant seem to figure out and until the yesterday they blew me off. Yesterday, the anti-theft actually locked out the radio, so at least they could see “something” occured.

I would suspect a faulty ignition switch. Not the key cylinder but the ignition switch behind it. I happened to repair an Odyssey with a new switch recently with similar engine shut off issues.

I’m assuming this has already been done, but if not, verify the battery and charging systems are good, and the battery connections are clean and tight. If this car has had major work done it, or been in an accident, or you drive on salted roads in the winter, then the major ground connections from the battery to the chassis should be double checked too.

Good advice from both of the previous posters. There is a loose connection to power somewhere in those areas. Check the main chassis ground connection also. You might be able to find the trouble by tapping on suspected trouble spots with a screwdriver handle.

excellent advice from both and cougar correctly advised tapping with a screwdriver. That by the way was how they discovered the issue with the General Motors Mass Air Flow sensors in the late 80’s. I had the exact same issue of shutting off without warning. Everything went dead and you would hear the relays under the dash going bananas. Wait a minute or so and it would start right up like nothing ever happened. sometimes you would be okay then other times it would happen 2 or 3 more times before you would finally be on your way without any more events as your heart was beating out of your chest. the “Fix”! check your battery connections especially on the battery terminals. I actually found the Power Positive cable to the starter to be corroded within as well as corrosive build up on the battery terminals. cleaned terminals and replaced the battery cable and problem cured. Til next time…

For crying out loud coach Steve this is year old thread. The original poster has either solved the problem or gave up.