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30,000 mile maintenance for a 2017 Honda Accord

I have a gorgeous Honda Accord LX sedan that just turned 30,000 miles. I bought it pre-owned. With my past cars, at 30,000 miles you had certain things that needed to be done. 2 honda service places tried to “upsell me” as high as $695 for “a major service” including spak plugs. The other 3 Hondas concurred that this is BS and spark plugs are not done until 100k miles. another honda listed a bunch of things for $395. 2 Hondas said "just do the oil change and fluids, unless you see a CODE.
I have not even gotten a code yet for the oil change. Anyway, so are there certain things that MUST be done on a car at 30,000 miles, or was this only true of non-computerized cars of the past? My last car was a 2001 Nissan altima I had for 16 years.

There is not a code for oil changes . How often are you changing the oil and filter. Also your manual is the place to look for the service schedule .

Even if it is not in the schedule it is time for new Brake Fluid .

A 30,000 mile service generally includes an oil and filter change, new air filters, tire rotation and replacing the brake fluid. Check the engine air filter and cabin filters, if they are new this has already been performed (codes B, 1 and 2).

Maintenance codes “A” and “B” are for oil changes, the maintenance guide is based on codes, you can’t just pick a random package. There is an oil life monitor that can be displayed in the instrument cluster to show how close you are to needing an oil change.

Got it.
I guess older cars had different needs, also.
Each dealership has something different to say.
Folks, STAY AWAY from NEW ROCHELLE…$695?
He was adding SPARK PLUGS which has been confirmed more than once as not til 100k miles.


Thanks so much

I was told that my Honda Care might cover this.
I also bought the car at just under 27,000 mi, so it is possible other things were done as it is a certified pre-owned vehicle.
I could always have this all done at a AAA or pep boys, if they make the recommendation, vs paying the dealer prices.
Just the oil needs to be done there right now, as they owe me oil changes for the rest of the year.
It’s also synthetic only.

Thank you


Also, it is advisable to change the transmission fluid every 30k miles, even if the mfr doesn’t specify that service.


If you value your car, I strongly advise that you NOT take it to any of the chain-run places, such as Pep Boys, Midas, Meineke, Monro, Sears, or AAMCO. The AAA-run facility might be okay, but I would recommend that you go to an independent mechanic’s shop if you want to save money and also have somebody competent work on your car.


On a Honda with automatic it is strongly recommended to change the transmission fluid at 30,000 miles, regardless of what the dealer says. Us only Honda fluid!!!

Spark plugs are good for 100,000 miles these days.

Just remember, a Honda service writer knows little of the mechanics of cars and is rewarded for selling as much as possible whether you need it or not.

If the car has ABS, brake fluid change is also recommended.

Ask for the maintenance records, they should have brought the maintenance up to date during the inspection. For example the brake fluid should have been changed after 3 years.

The maintenance computer will alert you when the transmission fluid needs to be replaced, that is maintenance code “3”.

If this car had a maintenance agreement with the original buyer, then all the maintenance will be done at a Honda dealer and it will be recorded in their centralized computer system. You can go to any Honda dealer and ask for the maintenance records and they can print out any maintenance, including warranty work that was done at any dealer.

Now armed with this information and the maintenance schedule in your owners packet in the glove box, you should be able to figure out what you will need. If there is anything you don’t understand, such as what a particular maintenance item entails, please feel free to ask here. We will be glad to help.

Great, thanks!

Dealerships are franchise owned. Some are good…some aren’t

I’d definitely trust the dealership that’s not trying to upsell me something.

Maintenance schedule should be spelled out in great detail in the owners manual. If you don’t have the manual - I suggest you get one. You can buy a hard copy from dealer or even E-bay. And many manuals are available on-line in PDF form for free.

Everything you want to know about your car, free from Honda itself, at
Honda Official Manual site

Hondas actually do have a code - our 2011 Odyssey is one that measures engine temp, etc to gauge oil life. When the computer determines the oil life is under 15% it gives a code for an oil change. There are other codes for other maintenance items.

It looks like the Accord has a similar system - Who knew the manual could be so helpful?

Smart, thank you.

I know PARAGON is very good, and I emailed the manager. He explained not to go to DCH either. New Rochelle was really pulling things out of thin air.

I also called the mechanic who worked on my Nissan Altima 2001 for the last 3 years I had her. He said I am really only looking at an air filter and a cabin filter…$100 bucks maybe, and only $20 for tire rotation, not $59. The Synthetic oil will be cheaper at Paragon. But glad to know that he can work on a 2017.

thank you so much!