2019 Honda Civic Service 15000+ miles maintainance checklist

My car shows 15200 miles and I am trying to find what all Services I need to do to keep the car in good condition.

On 31 Jan 2022 , I did the following:

  1. Four wheel alignment - 116$

Right now, these are the things that comes to mind that I need to service:

  1. Engine Oil and filter change
  2. Replace air filter?
  3. Rotate & Balance Tries?
  4. Anything needs to be done to the brakes? Fluid / brake pad?
  5. Any Battery / spark plug needs replacement?

Please note: I recently saw an issue which occurs now and then. This is with the screen display sometime hangs up and I have restart the car to make it work. Is there any reason for this? Any thing I need to get services to resolve this issue?

Also, I have been taking the car to Honda dealer’s service & parts department. Do they charge high? should I take it to some other car mechanic who might charge less? Hope I am not getting scammed by the dealer’s parts service department. Please advice

Please assist. Thank you! Appreciate your inputs.

What does your owners manual say? Hondas have a computer that displays the service you need at the time needed, I think.

Your manual will say to change oil and filter at xxxx miles or xx months .
Air filter , you should be able to look at it yourself to see how dirty it is .
Rotate tire every 5 or 6 thousand miles , balance as needed .
Battery when needed and your manual will say plugs at a certain mileage

All of this is in your manual. And I use the dealer at least until the bumper to bumper warranty expires .


Most Honda dealers have an express department that just does oil changes and similar basic work. You will likely save money if you go that route rather than a 15k service. Your owners manual will provide you with the service intervals, but your car likely needs no work done other than possibly an oil change. Rotating and balancing your tires is up to you, but is likely cheaper if you go with a tire shop.

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Generally speaking, that is valid advice, but because some/many/most mfrs now like to boast of “lifetime” trans fluid–even though that is a lie–I strongly suggest that the OP have the trans fluid changed on his/her 3 year old car.

Additionally, I recommend a brake fluid flush at the 3 year interval–regardless of how few miles have been driven.

Other than those two important items, all I can think of is the “normal” oil change/tire rotation service. The engine air filter is probably okay after only 15k miles, but it would be a good idea to check it.

The dealership will almost surely recommend replacing the cabin air filter if it is more than 1 year old, but this is one item that I strongly urge the OP to do himself. More than likely, the Owner’s Manual shows how to do it, but if not, there is probably a relevant video on YouTube.


This is great. Thank you so much for great insights here. I have another issue but not sure what action it might require:

I recently saw an issue which occurs now and then. This is with the screen display sometime hangs up and I have restart the car to make it work. Is there any reason for this? Any thing I need to get services to resolve this issue?

Are you still in warranty? Either way it’s more of a dealer repair. Can you repeat it? If not it’ll be tough to solve.


Could this be a battery issue? It happens not very often only 2-3 times in last 3 months.

The dealership is good place for this sort of thing imo. It avoids future issues whether the maintenance work was done correctly or used the correct materials, in the event a problem develops. Suggest to focus on the tasks needed, and avoid agreeing to extra optional services they may offer. Unless & until you ask an independent expert for their opinion. The dealership has an inherent conflict of interest and may be tempted to sell you something you don’t actually need, just because you happen to be there. As posted above, your owner’s manual should tell you Honda’s suggested service schedule for your car, either that or the car’s computer will issues reminders on the in-car display.

In any event, if this were my car, here’s what I’d be thinking …

Oil and filter changes should occur more frequently than every 15K miles. How many miles ago was that service done on your car? A new engine air filter at 15 K miles makes sense. I probably wouldn’t rotate the tires until 20 - 24K miles unless there was a reason, like tread patterns developing, or vibrations noticed indicating wheel weights may have fallen off. I wouldn’t change-out the brake fluid myself at this point, would wait until 30K miles. Your spark plugs should still be ok. Ask the shop if they’d recommend the cooling system be emptied and refilled with fresh coolant. That’s not so much done on a miles basis as a years in service basis. If they think you are approaching a good time, suggest to do that. Over time the coolant becomes more and more acidic. Not a problem at first b/c it starts out new as quite basic (alkaline pH). But you definitely don’t want the coolant to ever become acidic enough to start eating away at the cooling system & engine parts. Ask your shop if there’s any transmission servicing suggested at this point too. Probably not required until at least 30K miles, but no harm to ask.

I do a routine battery charging system test myself once a year or so, and keep a record. Gives me some idea of any problems developing. Before first start of the day, measure the battery voltage. Should be around 12.6 volts. Then immediately after starting the engine, 13.5 - 15 .5 volts.

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And you are wrong again . Tire rotation should be in the 5 to 6 thousand mile range .


I get 60 - 80K miles from my tires routinely. I guess I’m just lucky.

At 15000 miles about the only thing that would need to be done is an oil change and tire rotation .
From experience unless you drive in dusty and dirty areas the air filter will last at least 30000 or more before needing to be replaced . Cabin filter can probably be changed but probably isnt too dirty at that mileage.
Brakes have a lot a lot of life left in them unless you are someone who rides the brakes all the
Batteries will generally last 5-6 years . Most modern platinum spark plugs last 100000 miles before needing to be replaced .
As far as the display that could be as simple as a software update at the dealer .

Honda long life coolant is good for 10 years/120,000 miles, common with modern vehicles.

Sorry folks, I’m just not going to read all your responses.

  1. Unless you have a problem, 4 whl alignment is totally unnecessary. About every 100,000 maybe unless tire wear.
  2. I rotate tires every 6000 per the dealer and its free.
  3. I change oil and filter every 5000 without fail.
  4. I change trans, transfer case, and differential fluid every 30K without fail.
  5. Cabin and air filters are changed every 20K unless you are in the desert.
  6. I test my batteries about twice a year and replace in the 3-5 year intervals depending on the readings and circumstances.
  7. Brakes are checked when the wheels are off for rotating, but the pads aren’t changed unless worn. Depends 30K plus.
  8. You can change brake fluid every two years but I go longer.
  9. Wax and polish twice a year, including interior.
  10. Coolant every 5 years or what the owners manual says.
  11. Spark plugs are anywhere from 60K to 100K per manual.

That’s what I do but you all can argue about it and do what you want. I base my intervals on 3 1/2 million miles of service. My highest was 520,000 miles.


Thank you for valuable information. Wanted to know what you think about this issue:

I recently saw an issue which occurs now and then(occurred 2 -3 times this year only). This is with the screen display sometime hangs up and I have to restart the car to make it work. Is there any reason for this? Any thing I need to get services to resolve this issue?

Ask the dealership shop next time you go there if there’s any pertinent recall, customer service, or technical service bulletins for your car for the display. You may just need a software update. If it only occurs a couple times a year, me, and easy to do a work-a-round, I’d just live w/it. The devil you know is better than the devil you don’t.

Thank you. This doesn’t qualify as electric problem right?

Not the most likely cause.

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The manual on modern Hondas says “trust your maintenance minder - it will tell you what to change and when”…
That actually includes not only oil, but air filter, brake fluid, transmission fluid, etc…
If OP wants to “overdo” it, it’s still a good idea to go and update particular service code in the Maintenance Minder so that it will restart counter on particular item…
and YES - it’s all in the manual if one opens and reads it :slight_smile: