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Annoying Noise?

My Mitsubishi Endeavor just made this annoying sound a while ago.

Whenever I reach 40 MPH i hear this loud whistle. But sometimes it disappears. Then again it’s going to do the same noise.

I’m also figuring it out myself, if there is something wrong with the wheels or the brakes. Those are my two analysis.

Please Help me Out Guys. TNX TNX

Possible loose/broken vacuum hose or loose air intake hose at the throttle body.

(Maybe a loose clamp)

really. I was really guessing it was either the brakes or the wheels.

So how much would it cost for that thing to get fix?

tnx for the reply

Where does the noise come from? Is it from under the hood or under the vehicle? Front, rear, left, right?

Provide as much detail as possible.

It could be the wear sensors on your disk brake pads. If you lightly touch the brake pedal while it is whistling, does the sound go away? If yes, check your brake pads.

It’s coming from under the hood… i dont even know if its around the engine or the brakes… i dont really know… It’s like whenever I reach a certain speed (40 mps) its starting to whistle again… Whenever I go in a highway its going to disappear…

I’m also guessing it’ll be the disk brake pads. But whenever i step on the brakes it will not make a squeaky sound. It’s just that whenever i reach 40 mph the whistling sound will go off and it’s really annoying. And whenever I get on the highways the sound will just disappear just bubble. Plz help me…

Drive at 40, listen to the sound, and just lightly press the brakes so you really don’t slow down much. Does the sound go away? If so, its the brake pads and you should replace them. There is a wear sensor that squeals if the pad is too thin, but if you step on the brake the sound stops. It is NOT the sound of squeaky brakes, it is higher pitched and not as loud.

Yeh you are definitely right!!! " higher pitched and not as loud" but mines is really like a high pitch and medium loud… i’ll do that tomorrow and i’ll give you a feed back again.

tnx for replying