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Whistling noise - Honda Odessey

I have a 2001 Honda Odessey with 114K miles. When I step on the acceleator I hear a whistling sound. The sound sounds louder as the RPMs go up. However I don’t hear the sound when I take my foot off the gas or when the RPMs are 1,000 or less. Do you have any idea what the sound is and what I should do? I had my transmission replaced last year and my wife thinks its related to the transmission.

Is your radio on at the time…sounds funny but interference sounds like that sometimes. Other than that…Im not sure Could be a leaking intake tube of some sort? Maybe the brake booster sprung a leak in the diaphragm?

If the sound is there even if the van is just sitting still and at idle then it is unlikely to have anything to do with the transmission. But if you did have it replaced a year ago why not just have your wife go back, point out the noise, tell them she thinks its the transmission and ask them to have a look. If its not a dealer this kind of thing shouldn’t cost you anything (unless you’re explicitly asking for a diagnosis).

Anyway…if it truly is an actual whistle the first thing I’d suspect is a vacuum/air related issue of some kind. If you can reproduce the noise while sitting still in park or neutral, pop the hood and see if you can tell where its coming from. Just operate the throttle by hand or have an assistant on the pedal (in park with the brake fully set!!) A small length of hose or tubing can make a pretty good makeshift stethoscope for pinpointing.