2020 Ford Explorer - Whistles

2020 Explorer whistling noise coming from engine above 60mph only when stepping on gas pedal.When you release the gas pedal the noise goes away.

So no noise at all when coasting then? hmmm … releasing the gas pedal closes off the engine-air-intake path, so my guess, some obstruction in that path is causing the whistle. Ask shop to inspect the air intake, they may find a boot that isn’t sealed correctly. If engine work has been done recently, definitely a suspect. When I work on something in my Corolla’s engine compartment I often remove the battery & entire air intake path to make more room for what I’m doing…

Turbo noise, normal, spooling up, blowing off,or leaking :question:

Still under warranty if it has less than 36K miles… take it to the dealer.

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I took it to the dealer 4 times .They replaced the turbo and it did not fix the whistle.Now they say its normal and don,t want to fix the problem.

Years ago I had a problem w/my VW Rabbit’s fuel pump relay. Dealership fixed it under warranty. After “fix” I noticed immediately that fuel pump ran 100% of the time ignition was in “on” position. Even if engine not started. I never left dealership, immediately went back in and pointed out that before “fix”, fuel pump only ran when engine was running. Dealership techs said I was mistaken, fuel pump runs anytime the key is in the “on” position. I asked them to prove it on one of their new Rabbits. Went to lot, picked a Rabbit to test their claim, no fuel pump sound with key in on, engine not running. They never admitted they were wrong, but they fixed the fuel pump relay problem anyway. Turned out they had made a wiring mistake. Hard to understand how techs with all the experience and training would think fuel pump would run anytime key is “on”?

Suggest to ask dealership staff to prove the same sound occurs on one of their new cars on the lot.