Honda Odyssey Ghost in the Rearview Mirror



Honda Odysseys’ outside rearview mirrors are designed to fold in when they hit an object and you are going forward; not so when they’re tapped by an immovable object in reverse. Ours had that experience. It was just tapped; no scratches or broken glass. But the effect on the electrical system is puzzling. Now the car sometimes thinks the passenger door is open, causing the light to go on on the dashboard indicating an open door and sometimes causing the interior lights to turn on. Any ideas on a cure?


I think that those are just coincidences. The passenger door switch, actuated when you do open the door, might be out of adjustment.


If your side mirror doesn’t rotate backwards, it may have knocked the door sensor out of adjustment. Even just a tap gets translated through the rest of the door frame. Find the sensor and adjust it, or have a mechanic do it. It may be pricey if the sensor is attached to the latch mechanism, like in my Ford.