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Engine Mount 2002 Odyssey

Can anyone share a picture/diagram that shows where the Engine mounts are located for Honda Odyssey and how do they look like? FYI on my last service I was told that the Front and side mounts needs to be replaced but the cost is $500+!! (Ooouch)

How can I be sure that they are in good condition or need to be replaced?


Are there any symptoms associated with the bad mounts, or is this just a Honda dealer trying to make another boat payment.

Did you ask them to show you the mounts and explain why they need to be replaced?

Do you get a clunk when you shift into R or D? Open the hood and watch while it is shifted into R and D. Rev up the engine. Does the engine move more than it did when it was new. Try revving it a little with it in Drive, parking brake and foot brake on, don’t stand in front of vehicle while observing this.

Rubber in the mounts will be cracked or pieces missing. May not be able to see it too well until somebody takes it out though.

The passenger side mount is easy to replace, the front one a little more work but can be done by an amateur.

A lot of these mounts get replaced, a good money-maker for Honda. is a good web site to check out. Here’s a link related to your issue:

I don’t feel anything and that’s why i wanted to see it myself. I didn’t asked the dealer to show the mounts to me but wouldnow i think it would be a good thing to do. Thanks for your advise.

I just reviewed the link that you have provided. My friend is having a problem with her engine mount honda odyssey. That was a pretty much good source.