Honda no help with 2018 Accord problems

Road departure mitigation system problems
Auto high beam problems
Adaptive cruise control problems
Collision mitigation braking system problems
Brake system light on
Anybody else have this problem,happened 6 times and still no fix,Honda corporation basically said ,it’s your baby you rock it

Unfortunately, once out of warranty, unlikely Honda will do anything for you.
Try an independent shop.

How would this help you? If you asked if anybody had the SOLUTION to this problem, I can see that being of help.

If this happened 6 times with no fix from Honda, find and read your state’s Lemon Laws. All 50 US states have this. Honda may be required to buy your car back. A lawyer that specializes in these types of cases may be of help.

You might post this on a Honda Accord forum, see if anyone there has had it happen to them.

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There are 21 similar complaints at, the NHTSA web site. Click on the red link, then recalls. Use your VIN or switch to “vehicle” and enter your car info. Finally, click on complaints and read the categories you are interested in. There are a lot of similar complaints there.

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