2019 Honda Accord Sdn - Autobraking

My 2019 Honda Accord collision mitigation system brakes randomly when there is no car in front of it and also brakes when the adaptive cruise control is activated and I’m passing a car in the right lane. It most recently did this, slamming on the brakes, at 70 mph. I’m interested in knowing how many other owners have had this problem and if you’ve found a way to deal with it since the dealer was no help.

You’re not alone. There’s a class action suit for that very problem. https://www.classlawgroup.com/honda-accord-collision-mitigation-system-class-action-lawsuit/ Before you get on board that particular train, escalate the problem to corporate. There should be a number in your Owner’s Manual.


As a car tester, I can tell you that this behavior is not normal, and it is certainly not OK. Don’t settle. Force Honda to fix it. I have tested the new generation Accord twice and it never did any of the things you are describing. That said, having the forward collision WARNING (not braking) come on when not required is common. Also, having a car brake while adaptive cruise is engaged can happen in many scenarios. However, it seems you are describing situations that are not at all normal.

Circle back and tell us what the end result is. At a minimum, get the car into the dealer’s service area and don’t leave without a receipt (service slip) that details all of this. It may prove helpful to you in a lawsuit or in a future warranty repair situation. Good luck.


Thank you. I appreciate your input. I’ve been to the dealer twice and, of course, I cannot reproduce the episodes. They checked for codes and updates and there were none. The salesperson is going to drive it for a day next week. Honda has covered themselves by giving me an “extension” to the owners’ manual stating these things can happen when there is extreme heat, glare, shadows, ice, snow, rain, etc. The car was in Florida for the winter, and problems did not begin until the ride north in May. The scary part is that I don’t know when it will happen again. There is a lawsuit that I wasn’t aware of until after leaving the dealer, so I know I’m not alone, but still don’t know what else I can do.