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Honda losing power

My 1999 Accord loses power when driving it. All gauages will drop and I lose power steering and brakes. If I am going over 40 it usually restarts on its own, as if I jump started it. Otherwise, I have to put it in neutral, and restart it, which I can usually do. Lately, I have had to hold the key in start to get the engine to fully engage, if I let go too soon it just quits again. I have put up with this for over a year, but it is becoming for frequent. Often happens after driving for a while, then turning off the engine for a short time, and then going somewhere else. It is that 2nd trip when I have the most problems.

The power steering and alternator belts?
Maybe a bad connection on the battery or bad ground on the frame?

It sounds like the ignition. Just went through this with my relative:

Call dealer or Honda and have VIN handy (on drivers side of windshield visible outside). It should be a covered eg free repair.

A 1999 is covered? That’s pretty good…

Thanks all. This is helpful. I will call Honda right away.

@RemcoW unperformed recalls do not lapse.

Goes to show ya that one learns something every day. I did not know that.
Good to know.