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My car loose all power while driving. NO warning

My car suddenly looses power without any warning. I have taken it to the Honda dealer on a few occasions. There was a recall on the ignition chamber a few years back it happened again a few times after. Took it back they replaced the ignition chamber again about 8 months ago or so, and just today died again. They have done diagnostic on the car and cant find anything wrong. Its so scary because all of a sudden just shuts down. THe radio stays on, the door lights show that they are open the steering wheel locks so I cant even pull over to the side of the road.

Just stops dead. It seems that most of times that this has happened has been while driving at a pretty low speed( I don’t know if that has anything to do with it) ANy thoughts? MY car is a 2001 Honda Accord Ex with 80k miles

Honda issued a recall in 2002 on this very problem. Call a Honda dealer, give them your vehicle’s Identification Number and they will look up the recall issued on your vehicle. They need to replace the Electrical System Ignition Switch.

Yes, I have had it replaced twice. The last time was just a year ago, and they have not had another recall since then on the ignition switch.

Since there is no such thing as an “Ignition Chamber” I am guessing that you are referring to the Ignition switch…or wha? Anyway…does the car shut off as though you turned the key off? If so I can see why they are recalling ignition switches.

If you had your wheel lock up on you then I believe they might have said your Ignition Tumbler…which is the ignition switch with the keyed tumbler inside…where you put your key…

I have never actually heard of this happening ever on a Honda…going to have to look this one up for you…

Honda has performed the recall service, but not fixed your problem. Take the car to a Honda dealer again. The dealer may have to call Honda USA for a repair authorization. Make sure to tell the dealer you have the address and info to report this problem to the NHTSA. If Honda’s recall didn’t work the govt. might want to hear about it from folks like you.

The locking up of the steering wheel makes this a safety issue.

When I took it to the dealer a week ago the mechanic checked the ignition and it was fine.
I was also told that it could be the ignition control module. So, my husband replaced it. So, not sure. Going to give it one more chance, and if it shuts off again. I think I will need to get rid of the car. I have not had any issues with it except this one.

If the steering wheel is locking up when this trouble happens there has to be a problem with the ignition switch mechanism. I can understand your concern about that. The shop needs to find out why it locks up.

Thanks for your help. I think the wheel locks up, and when I told the guy at the honda dealer this, he said “well you still have steering capabilities, just not power steering, but it would be hard to do” So, Is the ignition control module that my husband replaced a whole different deal than the ignition switch you are speaking of? When I took it in last week the mechanic put the key in it, and giggled it all around and the key didnt fall out or come loose. So, do you think its an ignigition switch or a tumbler issue?
Thank you so much.

The ignition module is different from the ignition switch. The ignition switch basically turns 12 volt power on and off to things that run the engine and other accessories of the car. The ignition module helps provide spark to the sparkplugs in the engine.

When the engine quits then the power steering pump is disabled and that will make the steering a lot harder thing to do. Perhaps you are confusing that with steering lock as when the key is removed. I tend to think that is what is really going on here.

There are a number of things that can cause the engine to die including an intermittent ignition system. You stated that the door lights show the doors are open when this trouble happens. That may be a clue that something in the electrical system has an intermittent connection to power somewhere. Any clues like that can help pin down the trouble area and are important for the tech to know about.

When I take it in to get it a diagnostic test, they say that cant find anything cause the “problem” is not happening at that moment. Because it happens not that often they say they cant find anything wrong. I guess it actually has to happen when they have it hooked up to the diagnostic machine. Thats why it is frustrating because no one can find anything. Is this normal? If it is an electrical problem cant they diagnosis this?

It is very common to not find the problem if the trouble isn’t happening at the time the shop is looking at it. Intermittent problems are the hardest problems to find. The diagnostic machine needed to find the trouble is the tech. No machine can say where the trouble is at. That is why having all the clues to the trouble is so helpful to the tech.

Hondas have a fairly common issue with the fuel pump relay going bad. Perhaps that is the problem here. There are so many things that can cause this kind of issue.

You might clarify something. The data shows that your car was subject to a switch Recall but only for the interlock mechanism. This has nothing to do with the car croaking out on the road.
Other models were under a separate Recall for faulty electrical contacts in the switch and this can cause your car to quit but has nothing to do with the other Recall.
(Keep in mind that even Hondas that are not under Recall can and do suffer the same chronic problems as Hondas that are covered. It’s back room politics.)

Is it known for a fact that they replaced the electrical part of the switch?

How did they handle the second time around, as to who is paying? Recalls are a one shot deal and if it’s claimed that Honda is paying for it then you may be hearing a line of BS.

Another potential cause of something like this is the main relay (controls the fuel pump, ECM, etc.) and is also a known problem. Clear up the switch issue first.