1999 Honda Accord sudden and brief engine power drop

I have a 1999 Honda Accord EX sedan with a ULEV engine and 173,000 miles on it. A few months ago, while cruising along at highway speed, there was a sudden and dramatic drop in engine power. Several of my warning indicator lights illuminated for about 3 seconds and then turned off. I’ve had the battery and alternator inspected with nothing unusual to be found. The problem has continued on an irregular basis for the same 3 second duration once every week or two. If this happens in idle mode at a stoplight or coasting into a parking space (i.e., when the accelerator is not being depressed) the engine will die. However, it starts right back up again. Help!

“Several of my warning indicator lights illuminated for about 3 seconds”

I’m assuming that the warning light for the car’s charging system was one of those lights, but what were the others? For your sake, I am hoping that the oil pressure warning light was not one of them.

Details, please.

What stands out are the Maintenance Required, ABS, and Brake indicator lights.

This sounds mostly like a driveability problem.
What is the maintenance history for this engine?

However, if the Brake System Warning Light and the warning light for the charging system are illuminated at the same time, that almost always indicates a failing alternator.

The most likely possibilities could be a failing ignition switch, failing main relay, or failing fuel pump.
All 3 of these things are tied together and each one influences the other.

Since the warning lamps are coming on I tend to put the ignition switch to last. However, many Hondas are under a Recall for switch problems and if your vehicle is one of those you should get this done. It’s free of charge to you.
That being said, even a Honda that is not covered by the Recall can suffer the same problems and the same causes of those problems.

I had the ignition switch replaced under the recall a few years ago. I’m wondering anout the failing fuel pump suggestion since a friend who owned the same vehicle, mentioned he had the fuel filter replaced for a problem that sounded similar. Thanks! Any other ideas?