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'98 Honda Accord loses all power

My 1998 Honda Accord lost all power while I was driving in town yesterday. I pulled over to the side of the road without power steering or lights. After a minute, I restarted the car with no problems and drove home. During the past two weeks, the car’s engine light has flashed on twice while driving and the car felt like it lost power for a split second then everything was normal. What’s the problem? My mechanic is on vacation for a week but I don’t dare drive the car until I have it checked out.

Update: I drove the car all over town today with no problems. Weird. Does anyone have any idea what’s wrong with my car?

Update: Well, its fixed! I had a tune-up. The wires and plugs were a mess and needed to be replaced. I had another mechanic in town do the job. He charged more than my regular guy but now I can rest easy. I purrs again!