Honda headlight indicator alarm

1993 Honda Accord LX (263,000 miles). My headlight indicator alarm does not activate when I turn off the engine with my headlights on. I have looked at all fuses. Problematic in the morning after sun rises and can no longer see the headlights … dead battery.

Did it have one originally? Some Hondas of that vintage don’t. If it did, you’ll have to trace the wires and find out where the power stops going where it should. Could also be the chime/buzzer.

If it’s stick like mine you can just get used to parking on hills and popping the clutch.

shadowfax, yes I would call it a chime and it worked until a few weeks ago.

Was it activated solely by turning the engine off, or did you have to open a door? It’s common for door-ajar sensors to get sticky and not register that the door is open.

that could be it!! as my dome light does not work either. get back with you

Its either the actual “chime” assy or a fuse… Shouldnt be hard to determine. If you have a multi meter…set it to do a continuity test and run thru all of the fuses to see if they are all good… replace any that are blown and test the headlight chime.

If after you have all good fuses in place and no chime…then find the headlight chime and replace…they rarely go bad actually, but its possible.