Honda 1999 accord

Hi guys! I’ve never heard of this happening and hope you can help me. my husband has a Honda 1999 accord with 260k + miles. he loves this car better than most things in the house, me included. Well recently it has began to act a little funny. It runs fine, but when we turn it on the lights on the ac heater panel will flash on and off. Or not come on at all. If I punch the ac indicator I can get it to stop flashing and generally behave better but lately it is taking more punches. Any idea what is wrong and how to fix this? Sometimes it mocks me by flashing on and off which is when I punch it harder. My husband doesn’t like my hitting his car so any suggestions will be helpful.
Thank you!

Does it stop cooling when the indicator is off?
It could be just the connection to the bulb getting flaky. Ignore.
When my '88 Accord surpassed 15 years old a few minor electrical connection problems started popping up.
The dashboard lights went out on my '81 Accord when it was 8 y.o. Got a gooseneck lamp for the cigarette lighter and used that for years.

Stop hitting the dash, its not helping. Heres the simple solution, there is a dash light dimmer control on the dash. I think on your model, it is a recessed button so you have to gently push on it once to get it to pop out. Then turn the knob back and forth a couple times, set the dash lights to the brightness you want and then push the button back in, that should solve the problem.