Honda car alarm question

We have an additional remote attached to the key of a 2007 Honda Accord for the alarm. When I press it, the green light is blinking which I believe means the battery of the remote is not dead, but the door is not locking or unlocking and the trunk is not opening. I’m afraid to open the door because the alarm might go off but if the remote is not working I won’t know how to turn it off. There’s a little red light on the dash to the left of the steering wheel which is not lit but I believe it has to do with the alarm. The car hasn’t been driven in about 10 or 11 days. If I open the door with the key and the alarm goes off, how do I turn it off? It’s also possible the battery is dead. In that case will the alarm go off if I open the door?
Thank you!

Lets see

  1. if the battery is dead no the alarm will not function and neither will your power door locks
  2. if the alarm does go off, simply disconnect the negative battery cable to shut it off

The fact the light is no longer lit on the dash may mean the battery is dead. 10 or 11 days isn’t a very long hiatus to cause a dead battery. Did the battery have “issues” in the past?


Thanks Mike. I opened the door with the key this morning and the battery was indeed dead. Before the 10 or 11 days it wasn’t driven for a few weeks also and there were problems last winter too. We’ll replace the battery before the winter!