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Honda fit sport 2008 key stuck and won't turn over

I pulled over next to the curb to park my car and I put it in park and then tried to shut off my car and take the key out but the key won’t come out and now my car won’t even start. I have had this problem before with my key getting stuck cause my car wasn’t all the way in park but all I had to do was restart the car which I cannot do in this case. Any help would be great!

Is your steering wheel locked? Can you put it in neutral hold the steering wheel to one side or another while trying to see if the key works? (ps foot on brake)

Try shaking the steering wheel right-left-right-left as you try to turn the key and start the car. Then be sure it’s ALL the way forward into park when you turn it off.

Most likely the car will start in Neutral. Does it?