Ignition key doesn't turn

My ingnition key doesn’t turn and the steering wheel is locked up.

Is there some way I can fix is?

I have been reading about this online and tried to move the steering wheel back and forth to unlock it while trying to turn the key, but that doesnt help. I let my car role back a little to try to turn it that way but no luck. my cars tires arnt pushed up against any curb…

so far what I have learned from the web is that I will have to do one of the three things… go to a dealer and give him my vin, so he can make me a new key( but key doesn’t seem worn), some how unlock the wheel by some button from under the steering wheel, or have to get the igniton changed.

work that was just done on this car: needed a new igniter. had the mechanic put a a used one in because im about to trade the car in. … before when i needed the igniter the key would turn just not start. idk if the igniter has anything to do with the ignition… but just info

I cannot believe how many people want help but dont give any info (what kind of car,mileage,history etc.)This forum is a good exposure to human behaviour.Its not suprising so many people have bad car experiences,just ripe for picking.

In addition to and at the same time try turning the wheel back an forth with the brake on (service and parking) and see if that may loosen it up.

Would be useful to know what type of vehicle. My Dodge Minivan has had the ignition key sieze up twice, but it’s easy and cheap to rebuild.

97 Honda Accord EX 72,000 miles and has had a owner that messed with put shit in it and making it a wiring mess