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Honda door lock not responding

I have an '03 Honda Accord EX. Its been great, but recently the driver’s door lock will not respond to the key transmitter to lock. The other doors lock, but not the driver’s. If I insert key in door lock, it behaves normally and locks/unlocks all the doors as it should.

Batteries are good. Behavior is the same with primary and spare key.

Without examining the vehicle, I can offer three possibilities that should be checked:

  1. Solenoid. This is the electro-mechanical device that locks and unlocks the door door, when you press the remote to activate the keyless entry. These solenoids also are often activated by the key in driver door is actuated. The one indide driver door, or its’ circuit could be bad.

  2. BCM Body Control Module. Oh your car, it could have another name. This would only be likely, if you ALSO have other UNRELATED or RELATED electrical issues

  3. Bad control switch, or wire loom from switch. If there is a control switch to operate power locks, either in dash, console or on driver door, see if it works the driver side door.

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Boulder Colorado

Hope that helps.

ok, good start… along the lines I was thinking. Let me add a little info to see if it helps refine the guess.

regarding #1… since the solenoids all seem to work when activated manually, I had put them out of the equation. They do work (all of them) if I put key in drivers door, and double-turn.

#2, I dunno. How would I check? what would I check?

#3, as in #1… inside switches, and exterior door lock all work correctly.

The ONLY time the locks don’t work is via the wireless transmitter. Same problem with primary transmitter, and spare, so I don’t think its the transmitter. The locks look like they ‘try’, and sort of give a wiggle, but do not lock via the wireless ‘lock’ button.