Honda crv shuts off randomly

My 1997 Honda crv randomly shuts off while I’m driving. There is no pattern. It has happened on the freeway and around town. When this happens - if I come to a complete stop the car starts right up.

Sometimes it’ll happen a couple times a week then months can pass before it happens again. Other than that the car runs great.

Possible ignition system fault. Any CEL with codes?

What the heck is a CEL with codes? Sorry, if its not related to the radio color me clueless.
After my initial post I read that an ignition part of my year/make of Honda had been recalled in 2002 for causing problems similar to mine.

CEL=Check Engine Light

If the CEL is currently illuminated, or if it was recently illuminated, there should be a trouble code (or more than one code) stored by the car’s OBD (On-Board Diagnostic) system.

In view of the possible recall, I would suggest that you copy down your vehicle’s VIN (vehicle identification number), which can be found on the top of the dashboard, near the driver’s windshield wiper. It is probably also on your vehicle registration. If you provide this number to the dealership’s service manager, he/she can determine if your particular vehicle is subject to a recall. If it is, then the repair will be free.

If your vehicle is among the recalled ones, then you can go to an auto parts store (Auto Zone, Advance Auto, possibly NAPA), and have the stored CEL code(s) read free-of-charge. Post these codes (in the format of P1234) here, and some of the members of the board will be better able to advise you about how to proceed.