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2006 Honda CR-V mysteriously shuts off while driving

My wife’s 2006 Honda CR-V has developed a mysterious issue where every minutes, and I mean to the second every 15 minutes, the car behaves as if the ignition switch was turned to the OFF position shutting off the engine. After about 10 seconds, the dashboard light blink as if the key has been turned to the ON and then we can start it. If we try to start it before the dash lights blink, the starter turns but nothing else happens. The immoblizer has been inspected and ruled out and, there are no error codes in the computer.

This post is at best a guess, but better than nothing hopefully. My first suspicion would be the security gadget. But if you are certain that isn’t he problem, my next guess would be – providing your car has one – the main engine relay is failing. That is what supplies power to everything that is needed to keep the engine running. And it would probably explain why it is possible to crank the engine, but the car won’t start.

…or battery failure or ground strap.

No error codes. Take a look at the ignition switch.

My vote is for the ignition switch.

My 1998 CRV with less than 100,000 miles began random stalling 2 of years ago. I could start it right up but it was frightening when it happened. My mechanic found that there was a recall on the ignition switch for that reason. Honda repaired it right away. I found it on a forum after my mechanic told me. Honda only needs your VIN number. It solved the problem. My mechanic is the best! I have referred to him as my car’s Primary Care Doctor. Unfortunately he has retired.

If it really is exactly 15 minutes between every shutoff, you can pretty much out random causes like a bad ignition switch or ground strap.

Question is, what device on the car has the smarts to shut it off every 15 minutes?