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Honda CR-V's check engine light

This a 1998-2001 model year.

Mine came on today and garage mechanic said it was common on the CR-V’s.

Anyone have any inputs?


What was the code ???

The CEL is an early warning system. The light means there is a trouble code stored in the computer. A mechanic can read the code which will help diagnose the problem.

There is probably no noticeable change in the way the vehicle operates. Yet. If you ignore the light the problem will get worse and more expensive to repair.

I’d want to know what was causing the light to come on, and I’d want to fix whatever is going bad.

I’d also have reservations about a mechanic who dismisses the CEL so quickly.

Tech said it was EVAPORATIVE CANISTER VENT SOLONOID when he scanned it.
Didn’t bother to ask the code