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My Car Turn off while i am driving

Hi all,
I got Honda CRV 1998 When I am driving the engine turns off and I have to wait a while to start it again and then i start again but It always like that off and on the engine. Does anybody get some ideas? I got gas pump, Spark Plugs, and radio fan changed but It still off and on like before.

Please help me some ideas why it turns off.

I’m not too familiar with Hondas but this issue has come up often on this forum. A failing main relay is what is most often suggested to be the cause on older Hondas.

Power to the ignition system may be getting interrupted through the ignition relay like @MY 2 CENTS stated. That is a common problem with Hondas. If you don’t get spark to the plugs while the trouble is occurring then that is most likely the problem. If spark is good then you need to check for a fuel delivery issue.

No offense to anybody . . .

time to stop guessing and spending money on parts which didn’t fix the problem

pay somebody to diagnose and repair the car

your wallet will thank you in the end

how about this, as a compromise . . . if that relay doesn’t fix the car, then you swallow your pride and bring it to a shop


One possibility is a faulty ignition switch. With your VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) in writing, call a local Honda dealership. Ask them if there are any “open” Recalls on your vehicle.

If they tell you your vehicle is eligible for a free ignition switch replacement, I’d have that done.

Since it seems to solve itself by waiting a while, sounds like a heat related problem so first guess is that problematic Honda relay. Might be worth it as mentioned above to replace it, might work. If not you’ll probably have to replace it eventually, so you’ll have the spare part in your trunk when it fails. Second guess, less likely, the ignition switch. Try driving with just one key in the ignition switch, no dangling key chain. If that helps, the ignition switch is the culprit.

Honda had a major recall on ignition switches and this car falls right in the model-year range of the recall that covers many Honda models, including CR-V. The recall was initiated because cars would stall while driving, (but often restart afterwards).

Radio Fan? Did you mean radiator fan? You might have needed spark plugs and a radiator fan but neither one would make the car shut off and let it restart later.

My vote is with CSA and the ignition switch. Switches have been an issue for a long time with Honda and other models are also affected by this.

This is a Recall so you should be able to get this done free at a Honda dealer if the Recall has never been performed before.

If there are any other outstanding Recalls then ask that those be done at the same time.
When things are free take advantage of it.

How much weight is on your key chain? The recent GM ignition problems were made worse by drivers putting many things on their key chains. Put as little as possible on them!

I dunno, might be worth throwing another part at it. Some years ago tester had mentioned the Honda main relay issue so when my son called on a very hot day that his 96 acura just stalled 50 miles away, I was primed. I swung by Acura to pick up a $60 relay on the way. Ten minutes to install and that was it. The kid thought I was a genius.

You don’t have to ask the dealer if your car has an open recall. Just plug the VIN [n here.

FWIW, my vote goes to the ignition switch. I fixed a 1999 Odyssey with the same symptoms with a new switch. Not the key cylinder, mind you, but the ignition switch that’s behind it. I’ve also fixed a few no start Hondas with bad main relays but those didn’t cut out while driving, only when starting with a hot cabin.