Honda CRV 2012 intermittenly making weird noise at speed around 100kph,steering wheel shakes

On highway doing around 100kph I hear the sound of like a big diesel truck passing me, then the steering wheel starts to shake, It feels like I have a flat. I slow up and stop get out and check all tyres, they appear fine. Rinse and repeat haha. Took it to Honda, they said the tyres were feathering on the inside and that caused it, new set of tyres put on. Took it out yesterday for a fairly long run 110Klms most of the way. no problem then on the return journey it happen again twice. Each time I pull up and check the tyres. I find that if I drive at around 95kph the problem stops so I continue my journey not exceeding that speed. Wondering what else it could be now that the new tyres have repeated the problem. Any ideas appreciated, thanks

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being your old tires were feathered I would take it to a reputable alignment shop. they will also check your suspension and tell you what parts are bad that might be causing this problem too.

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Thanks, balance and alignment were done at the same time of the new tyres so they said.

Vibrations occurring at a certain speed can be a tire balance problem. But that seems unlikely in this case given it occurs w/a new set of tire. No harm done however to check the tire balace on all four

If you mean a sort of loud growling sound that gets louder faster you go, could indicate a worn wheel bearing problem. Ask your shop to check the front wheel bearings for any unusual play and/or noises. Wheel bearing noise usually doesn’t come and go however. The typical symptom is it is there all the time, very quiet at slow speeds, but gets louder and louder the faster you go. And sounds like a growl. The road surface texture can make it sound differently though.

Thanks Yes the noise is only there when the steering wheel starts shaking. It is booked back in for Monday with Honda for a recheck.

Just wondering as it is a intermittent problem what else could cause maybe the alignment to go out. Or could it be something to do with the steering?

Well I just thought I’d update. After having the car back to Honda, they decided to do double gear box flush something to do with the torque converter. Problem seems resolved now and hasn’t done it again, Just for any of you that come across this post so you can see what the probable cause was in case it happens to you. Thanks everyone

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Thanks for the update. My guess, the shaking was caused by torque converter shudder. Newer automatic transmissions automatically lock the transmission directly to the engine once the vehicle has reached a certain speed. Done to improve mpg. If that lockup function (performed by the torque converter) isn’t working correctly it will go into a sort of oscillation rapidly changing from lock to unlock, creating a vibration. Often feels like when tires roll over a rumble strip. Apparently the flushing freed it up enough to prevent the oscillation. Folks here seem to recommend for modern automatics, a routine transmission service around every 30K miles. That service usually replaces the old fluid & trans filter w/new, sort of like a flushing.

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