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Scared by my 2016 Honda CR-V

I have a 2016 HONDA CRVX which I purchased used on 7-2-19. It has approximately 65,000 miles on it now (more or less). It is a 2.4L engine. It has had 2 scary incidents. The 1st was a couple months ago. I was on the freeway going about 75 mph when all of a sudden it gave a super LOUD NOISE and was shaking. Scared me to death! I took it to the mechanic who drove it quite a while and it didn’t recur. Then a couple days ago, it did it again on the freeway about 75 mph, only this time no shaking I don’t think, but the Odometer was about the 2 and it usually is a little over 1, so that was different. The noise sounds really loud and base-like, maybe if you put playing cards in bicycle spokes, that kind of noise. Do you have any idea what it could be? I’m scared and have been sick the past couple of days, so haven’t taken it in again yet.

I suspect you mean the “tachometer,” which shows how fast the engine is turning. The “odometer” measures how many miles you’ve driven. Did the check engine light come on? The fact that the engine was revving faster than normal suggests a transmission problem. At 65k the transmission should have been serviced at least once. Check the fluid with the car warmed up or have it checked by someone you trust. It should show full and be red rather than brown. If it smells burned that’s a bad sign too.

Oh, thank you so much for responding to me. Yes, the Tachometer. No check engine light came on, and it seemed it only made that horrible noise, but didn’t seem to affect down-shifting or speed or anything like that.

Unlikely to be the cause, but still a possibility, and easy enough to do. Ask your shop to check the wheel lug nuts on all four wheels. Beyond that listen carefully next times it happens, see if you can determine where the sound seems to be coming from; i.e. back or front of the car? right or left side of the car? etc … my guess – truly just a guess — is this is some kind of exhaust system problem.

OK … thank you so much :slight_smile:

At 75 mph, I thinl your tachometer should be about the 2 unless your car is geared a lot higher than I think it is.

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Was it on cruise control at the time? Are you still under warranty?

No, not on cruise control. I have an extended warranty from where I purchased it used this past July 2019.

Oh, I don’t know how that thing works, I really never pay attention to it … but it was obvious this last incident.

Not trying to be condescending, but if you never pay attention to it, how do you know what’s normal?

Sounds to me kinda like your transmission downshifted which, depending on exactly what was going on, may or may not be normal.

Not every driver of a 2015 Honda CR-V experiences unpleasant vibration. If unpleasant vibrations do occur, such vibrations will be during one or more of the three driving modes listed below.

  • Driving Mode 1: Vibrations may be present when stopped with vehicle in gear, for example at a stop light.
  • Driving Mode 2: Vibrations may be present during low-speed driving — between 1,000–1,200 rpm.
  • Driving Mode 3: Vibrations may also be present when driving around 40-50 mph — between 1,800–2,200 rpm.

If you experience unpleasant vibration, please contact your Honda dealership who can access Service Bulletin 15-046 directly, diagnose your concerns, and, if necessary, provide the appropriate product enhancements. You can also download a copy of the Service Bulletin here.

Product Enhancements are provided free of charge under either (1) Honda’s 5 year/60,000 mile (whichever occurs first) Powertrain Limited Warranty for the Mode 1 condition; or (2) Honda’s 8 year/80,000 mile (whichever occurs first) Emissions Control Systems Defects Warranty for Modes 2 and 3.

it’s a 2016 CRVX … but thank you. I will take it to the dealer. I know some of them have vibration problems, but mine doesn’t seem to have that in the ordinary run of things. It’s quiet, a beautiful vehicle and I LOVE IT!! But I need to find out what this crazy thing is. I’ll take it and ask them about what you suggested. Thanks again :slight_smile:

I didn’t take it condescendingly … I don’t know what that gauge is for, but have noticed that it is almost always at the just over 1 point. It was that way with my Subaru as well, so I was surprised when I saw it got up to the 2

God forbid it’s transmission problems!!! In any event, I’m taking it in.

I’m surprised it isn’t over 2 at 75 mph. I have an Accord with the same transmission and probably the same transmission, and I’m at 2.5 or more at 75. BTW, 2 means 2000 rpm (revolutions per minute), the rotational speed of the engine.

Corrected after @shadowfax post. I was up at 3am for a teleconference and haven’t recovered.

That gauge measures how fast the engine is rotating. So it will swing up and down while you’re accelerating and slowing down, then should remain steady on a number (which will depend on how fast you’re driving and what gear the transmission is in) when you’re going a steady speed (it may pop up to a higher number even at the same speed if you transition from a flat or downhill road to an uphill road because the transmission will shift to a lower gear).


Yeah, my Corolla would be ticking over at about 3k. I missed that the first time through and thought the RPMs had jumped, thus transmission issues.

Oh, ya learn somethin’ new every day … thanks! 1,000 :-))

Oh, I’ll have to pay more attention now that I know what it means. I don’t think I’ve ever seen it go above 2,000, but maybe it has. :slight_smile:

Huh? Not sure what this means …

thought the RPMs had jumped, thus transmission issues.

What I mean is that it sounded like you were driving along with the tachometer reading 1000 and suddenly it jumped up to 2000. That could indicate a transmission problem, as in the transmission slipping and allowing the engine to rev.

Another idea comes to mind. I don’t mean to offend you but is it possible you drifted too close to the edge of the road and ended up driving on the rumble strip? That would produce an unpleasant sound and vibration that wouldn’t occur during a mechanic’s test drive.