1997 Honda CRV steering wheel shakes only at speeds 20-30mph

I have a 1997 Honda CRV with 244,000 miles on it. Oil gets changed every 6 weeks and the brakes were replaced about 5 months ago. Several months ago I started to get a shaking in my steering wheel. The shaking only occurs at low speeds of 20-30 mph and disappears when I accelerate or go faster. Any thoughts as to what it might be?

A low speed shake could be a bad tire on the front. This is usually a separation of the belt causing a lumpy tire. Run your hand over the front tires and feel for a misshapening. Move the CRV a few feet forward and try it again. If you do not discover anything, have the front tires rotated to the back and see if the shake is now in your seat.

Hope that helps.

It could also be a bent rim.

I second the idea of tire rotation.

Thanks for the reply. I took it to my mechanic and he says it is not the tires. He believes I have a bad dampener. In all of his years as a mechanic he has never felt a shaking quite like this. Thanks for the suggestion.