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2007 Hond CR-V Vibrating

My 2007 Honda CR-V has started to vibrate when I am driving around 45-50 miles an hour. Seems to be in the wheels. Doesn’t happen all the time. At first I thought the road was rough, but now happens more often only for brief period then drives normally. The majority of the time, it’s when I take my foot off the gas to maintain or slow speed. Car dealer took it for a test drive. They told me my tire pressure was too high and took air out, but the problem persists. They checked the wheel bearings, the joints, etc. Any suggestions?

when you say only for a brief period, is that because it stops happening even though you’re still going 45-50, or because it stops happening after you slow down or speed up beyond that range?

I have to increase the speed for it to stop.

You can try rotating tyres.  If it  [i] changes[/i], then you have reduced the possibilities to wheels or tyres.  I would double check the tyre pressure as well.  Find the recommended pressure in the owner's manual or on a sticker somewhere on the car. (note, the pressure indicated on the side of the tyre is NOT a recommended pressure, it is a maximum pressure. 

Next would be a stop at a good frame and alignment shop.

This problem began in October and my son, a 10-year tire technician, put the tires on in January. As I said, the dealership dropped the tire pressure and that only caused my gas mileage to drop. It may need an alignment. Thanks!

a few years ago a vehicle i was taking care of had a bubble/tread separation that only revealed itself at a higher speed; something to do with the centrifugal forces and changing shape of the tire as it speeds up. a tire shop could remove the tires and give them a high speed spin like they do for balancing a tire and possible discover something of the sort.

It had nothing to do with the tires. Turns out that it was the transmission. I brought it to a non-dealer oil change place a few months ago. They put a generic automatic trans fluid in. The dealership drained it a few times and kept trying it after putting in the Honda at fluid. It solved the problem…hopefully it will last!

Now you have seen firsthand the folly of going to those quick-lube places.
Weekly, they are reputed to destroy a number of engines and transmissions, nationwide.

Hopefully your transmission survives their incorrect fluid and does not become part of their sorry statistics.

Yes, that will teach me for not following my instincts and listening to my ex-husband.