Honda CRV 2011 (ENTER CODE)

My Sister is having an Honda CRV 2011 model with almost 6000 mi on it. Recently we went for a vacation for 3 days on a rental car and somehow the inside lights which works while you open or close the door remained opened the Honda. So when we came back and found that the battery was dead. So what we did that expense a jumper cable and make the car start by hooking one end on the battery of the running car and the other to the said car. The car did started and working fine but since that incident the CD player display is showing a message “ENTER CODE” we tried different buttons randomly which is now showing message “ERROR CODE 7”. Its not playing radio or CD at this point. So before taking any further actions I like you to take your suggession before taking any further action.

In the Owner’s Manual or other documents that came with the car, or perhaps on a sticker inside the glove compartment, there should be a code number that you can enter in order to reactivate the audio system.

If you can’t find the code number in either of those locations, then a trip to the Honda dealer’s service department should yield the correct number for you.

If none of these suggestions work for you, then I would suggest that you phone the Honda customer service folks at the toll-free number listed in your Owner’s Manual.

Honda security code, and by inputting numbers randomly, you’ve probably locked it for good. This is done so when someone steals your radio and tries to get it working, it turns into a giant paper weight.

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It is a 5 digit number, Should be written somewhere, if not you will have to go to a dealer to get it, they will charge $$ for that.

You have to leave the radio switched on for an hour to reset the error code 7. You will then be able to enter in the code. The code is supplied with the owners manual on a white plastic card. It is also sometimes written in on the first page of the maintenance schedule book. Sometimes a white sticker will be placed on the door jamb or the side of the glovebox by the dealer. Post back if you can’t find the code, there is a method to retrieve your serial number from which the dealer can tell you the code.

Yep, keep looking that code is somewhere. When I buy a car, I make sure the security code and the lock key code are recorded int he owner’s manual. I also enter those codes in my maintenance book and my file on the car with the title. That makes sure that no matter what happens except a fire, I’ll have the codes. Big pain in the neck if you don’t.

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