F*%#?'g computers

I own a 2001 Honda Accord EX with a 6 disc cd player/radio. (Bought used; 6th Honda I’ve owned.)I changed the battery Friday and, as expected, had to reset the clock. To my surprise, the readout on the cd player/radio displayed 'ErrE’and neither cd nor radio played.I read the manual and found various remedies for other displays but none specifically for ‘ErrE’. I called my trusty mechanic and was told there was a 5 digit code on the rear of the damn thing and I would need the code to reactivate the cd/radio, requiring removal of the unit from the dash. Total cost of $75.00. Does anone know anyway around this?

Jud from Tennessee

It’s an anti-theft feature.
my 99 civic had a little card(credit card-like) that has the 5 digit code on it i need to put in when the battery is changed out/goes dead. Check the stuff you got with the car when you bought it. If you bought it from a dealership, it should be in with your paper work packet.

This is one of the reasons I suggest that if you’re going to disconnect the battery on todays vehicles that you use one of these. http://www.joetoolcompany.com/kas295a.html This saves all the computer/module/stereo memories.


Thanks! This is the 1st Honda I’ve owned that wasn’t manual everything (windows, locks, trans). I appreciate your help.

Thanks, Tester. Wish I’d talked to you before last Friday.

Look for a small manila envelope in the glove box. Iy is only about 1x2" if that. It has the code inside it.

The dealer may be able to provide the code based on the VIN, you can always ask.

Found it! With a code card inside. I appreciate all of ya’lls help. I just coudn’t stomach paying almost as much for the code as the baterry.

For 2001 and newer Hondas, you can get the serial number from the face of the radio/cd player by following this procedure: http://www.radio-code.com/Honda-Pay-Page-radio-code-NEW-proced.htm#below____ Then, having the serial number, call several Honda dealer service departments until one will give you the radio unlock code over the telephone.

I must be getting a bit slow in my old age. How does this discourage theft? The thief presumably has the radio. Thieves are everywhere and always too dumb to read a five digit code?