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Honda Crosstour - How much fuel

i just want to know how much fuel is in a honda

This is a Joke is it not ?

The fuel gauge might be a clue .

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They might tell you the capacity on the Honda Site. If you are contemplating purchasing one, ask the salesperson.

The last Crosstour produced by Honda had an 18.5 gallon fuel tank. You can look up the fuel capacity of any vehicle sold in America at this search bar link:

Sorry about that Volvo_V70. Hit the wrong reply key.

It depends on how much you pump in the gas tank.



I’m a patient guy on this site, but isn’t it easier to google ‘fuel capacity Honda Crosstour’ than post a question? Poof, 18.5 gallons pops right up!


My neighbors has about 1/4 tank.