Gas tank capacity?

Just purchased an '07 Mini Cooper. Manual says tank capacity is 10.6 US gallons. I just had my first fill up and with my tank not empty (computer said I had 73 miles left on tank and I was not into the reserve yet), I managed to put 12.939 gallons in. Now I realize that the pipe that feeds into the tank will take some of that extra but still doesn’t compute. I should have had 2-3 gallons in the tank before I began filling. So…why are my numbers so confusing. Yes…I’m a girl.

It’s 13.2 gallons in the USA and Canada. See this URL:

That matches your remaining fuel according to the computer and your refill level.

One added point: do not “top off” after the pump stops to try to squeeze more fuel in. In some systems that can cause fuel to run into the charcoal canister and saturate the charcoal bed.