Restoring a 1985 Honda CRX

How do I get parts for my Honda CRX project car? Honda has stopped making parts. I need a vacuum control box, door locks, and the dashboard heater/AC panel

You might find a CRX enthusiast here. I hope by now you have found a CRX enthusiast board. You are going to need one. If there are no active ones, a Honda board is your next best bet.

Who sez you can’t get parts?

Have you searched ?

I have found a CRX board, but it seems to be somewhat neglected. There are more people interested in the later model CRXs that can accept Acura motor swaps. I’m more interested in a stock restoration.

I sez. For example, I ordered 3 different fuel tanks from 3 different online stores, including and received tanks that wouldn’t fit. I finally found a very funky but very cool radiator shop that rehabs old tanks. They specialize in antique cars and airplanes. They used a laborious but effective process of tumbling the tank for days with gravel, brazing all the holes, chemically etching and then coating the interior surface with multiple coats of fuel resistant epoxy. They should make tanks like that to begin with. I am always on the lookout for new boards. Thanks for the advice. b

He circuitsmith, I take back what I said. looks like a good source. I don’t know how I missed it. Thanks again…b

Majestic Honda at is pretty good too.

In my experience (I have an '86 Accord) my local Honda dealer can still get pretty much everything, but it’s absurdly expensive and might take a couple of weeks to make its way in. So you might just try a different dealer-- maybe the one you tried just wasn’t interested in hunting your parts down.

Otherwise a junkyard or even trying to find your very own parts car would be your best bet.

A parts car would be ideal. I guess I’ll find every board I can and post that I’m looking for one. Thanks!

I have a 1991 Honda CRX and unfortunately, unless offered a relatively high price, I wouldn’t give it up. On the other hand, I’m wondering what people are willing to pay. It’s an awesome little car - gets 52 mpg on the highway. I also don’t know if it might be too late model for your '85 CRX.

Yep, that would be too old. I thing the first generation CRX included 1985-87. Thanks though…b