Honda CR-V window regulator

My daughter’s Honda CR-V driver’s window will not operate. My mechanic says it will cost about $355 to replace. Are these window regulators that expensive. I don’t know what a dealer would charge.


I attempted to replace the regulator on my 98 Windstar before I sold it. A rebuilt unit was around $80 to $100, I suspect a Honda part would be more. It’s a labor intensive job, i.e. removing door panel and window, installing the regulator and putting every thing back together. Even though I had my mechanic install it, I removed the door panel and saved that portion of the labor. If you’ve had good service from mechanic before, then the price isn’t too out of hand. Call a Honda dealer for a quote, I bet you’ll be unpleasantly surprised.

Ed B.

I called aroud this morning and dealer wants around $550,local garage says $350.