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Replacement window regulator - keeping the motor?

I have to replace the window regulator on our 98 Honda Civic 2 dr EX. The teeth are stripped at the end of the gear arc, leaving the window ajar by about 3/4" when full up. The motor seems fine. Replacements are available (after market) that do NOT include the motor at a substantial savings over a complete unit. I suspect that the motor is well integrated to the assembly, but I’m not afraid of drilling out rivets and fabricating/modifying fasteners to move the old motor into position in the new frame. Am I kidding myself about how well this will work? Any words of advice?

In Fords, a “gear kit” is a cheap and simple fix…Honda’s can’t be that much different…

Your vehicle is old enough where you can get a replacement regulator/motor from a local auto recycler. The last one I bought for a Honda three years ago was $45.00 from a recycler, and it’s still working today.


I live in hard core American car country; Flint, MI. Even the Detroit area yards don’t have old Civics, at least as far as I’ve been able to find. Do you have a source that will mail? I’d planned on pulling a regulator out of an parts yard Civic, I just can’t find one. $50 sounds good to me, I’d rather do it that way if I could find one close enough.

Try this link: