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Honda CR-V audio panel has gone crazy

Bought a Honda CRV 2018 in Jan 2018, after about 2 months while on a road trip the audio panel starting going crazy. Flashing from brightness screen to home to audio then to just black. The audio sound still came through but this lasted for at least 5 min until I could pull over, shut off engine and restart. This happened twice more similar screen issues. Called dealer then could not “replicate” in the garage, this was basically letting it run for 2 hours idle, so then couldn’t do anything. I stated I had video I could show them but them wouldn’t accept that saying Honda has to have it happen when in the service department. Anyone with similar problems?

1, keep all of your documentation with this issue. 2, I would give another dealership a try at it. 3, escalate the claim higher up the ladder. There are instructions for this in your owners manual

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If possible take it to the dealer when it is acting up. Don’t turn it off, let them see what is happening.

This is one of the things I do not like about today’s cars. They are more reliable, but much more a pain to troubleshoot when something does occur. And it seems like the troubleshooting knowledge lies with the dealer service department. If your local service department isn’t customer-friendly, it makes the job even more difficult. @pyrolord314 has good suggestions, probably the best you can do. You did well by videoing the symptoms. Keep a memo pad in the car to write stuff down when it flakes again. I THINK (but don’t know for sure) that reporting it within the warranty period greatly helps your warranty coverage if the repair has to be done after the warranty period.

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