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2018 Honda CR-V - Loses power

My 2018 CRV has lost power numerous times, normally it is when i am driving and come to either a turn or complete stop and began to accelerate afterwards which at this time results in a loss of power. Very scary… i bought this new i currently have 23,000 miles on it. I have not reported the issue yet to Honda but I am this week because it is happening more frequently

That is the right thing to do. The car is under warranty and your dealer is obligated to repair it.

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Honda’s dealer is the exact right place to start. If you want to, you could also inform NHTSA.

I am curious as to whether you are referring to a loss of engine power, or to a loss of electrical power. But, no matter which one it is, the diagnosis and repair of your fully-warrantied almost-new car is the responsibility of the dealership. Do NOT attempt to fix this yourself.

Can you repeat the problem? You may have to take the dealer’s service person for a drive to show them exactly what happens.