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2018 Nissan Rogue audio screen going blank

anyone have issues with audio screen going blank? on 2018 Rogue

No, but I don’t own one :wink: Your car is under warranty, take it to the dealer


It doesn’t matter whether hundreds of other Nissan owners have the same problem, or the OP is the only person with the problem. This situation–like essentially any other problem with the vehicle–is covered by the manufacturer’s “Bumper-to-Bumper” warranty. The dealership is responsible for resolving the problem–at no cost to the owner.


That same thought occurs to me every time I see that on the ridiculous ’ Ask Someone ’ page. Why even care if someone else has the same problem. Just go use the warranty and let the manufacture worry about it.


I am having the same issue. Just bought mine in October. Even if it is under warranty, I agree it matters who else is experiencing. Enough issues would result in recall and looks like there are others out there with issues. Did you get yours fixed?

No it would not. Recalls are for safety problems or something that makes a vehicle unusable. A blank screen does meet that . If there are enough repairs made under warranty there can be a service bulletin issued to the dealers. Also I doubt if Marty ever returns.


What is your problem? Service bulletin, recall…let people voice their issues and come together. If you can’t add value then don’t respond at all. No one likes a know it all.

I don’t think @VOLVO_V70 was trying to be a know it all…he’s pointing out the reality of the situation. Nissan will likely not issue a recall (as Volvo correctly pointed out those are for either safety issues or issues that make the vehicle undriveable)…if enough issues come up they could issue a TSB and mail information to owners of affected model(s). I certainly empathize with you, though. If I dropped a large chunk of change on a new vehicle, I’m expecting everything to function as described for at least a year (of course providing that I didn’t do anything to break it myself of course). Has your dealership managed to fix yours yet?

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I have performed many customer satisfaction recalls on audio/entertainment systems for a different manufacture, don’t say it can’t happen.

I don’t understand why people are discouraged to discuss their car problems while the vehicle is under warranty, why can’t they share helpful tips from other vehicle owners?

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Thank you! That’s how I feel.

I say that because that user plus others have negative feedback to the other person with the same issue. It’s no wonder they won’t be back to the site with that kind of support. My screen just went out this morning. Left a message for the dealer. Went out to lunch and it’s working fine but this is the second time it’s glitched like this. Found another site and apparently it’s a known issue that Nissan doesn’t have a fix for. Some people had their units replaced. Hopefully if it’s going to go out, it will do so without the first year. It only has 2500 miles on it…too new to be acting up already :roll_eyes:

Good luck and please let us know how and when it is fixed. Your owners manual will tell how to bring the complaint to a higher level within the Nissan organization, in case it’s not handled well at dealer level.

Have a 2017 Rogue where radio keeps rebooting, changing time, no back up camera, black screen. Been happening daily for 3 months. They have reset, replaced sd card, replaced the radio twice. Running out of ideas. Started 3000 pass the warranty. Any suggestions?

Maybe an intermittent ‘open’ in the power supply wiring? Is there a good auto electric shop near you? I’d try them.

If I had @2017Rogue 's problem I’d be tempted to remove the unit, figure out a way to power it up on the bench, and test if it ever failed under that situation. Use a hair dryer to heat it up a little , pouind on the bench to give it a jolt, etc. If it never failed on the bench, then I’d suspect a problem with the power supply to the unit as the number one suspect. Faulty connector, fuse, or alternator probably.