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2018 Honda CR-V - Bad Bluetooth

Has anyone gotten their Honda Bluetooth system repaired so it sounds good?

If you really have a 2018 then your warranty should cover this .

I had it checked and was told the same thing that the other comments said; also, I had a 2013 CR-V and my brother has a 2018 Pilot and they had/have the same issue. Honda doesn’t have an answer other than ‘this is normal.’ Apparently, for Honda, it is normal. This is my fourth Honda and because of this, and the horrible CVT transmission, will have me looking for another brand next time. My brother’s 2014 Chevy Volt had an awesome system; in 2019 there’s no reason for this type of equipment.

Try a Honda forum, somebody might have solved this problem.

It’s a very large, ongoing issue for many owners - some who have had multiple repairs that did not work - others have tried and failed.

The only fix probably is to replace the head unit. And even then it may not be better. You can try the warranty option, but I bet you’ll be told that’s normal.