Honda connection for code reader


Where is the connection for a code reader to insert on a 1994 Honda Accord EX? I might need color or shape to find it.



There might be a FACTORY scan tool for the 1994 Honda Accord; but, I don’t think you can get, or afford, one. The instructions in the Haynes repair manual, on page 6-4, are much the same as given on the Click on this: Scroll down to about page 7 for pictures and instructions.


the obdll compliance for code reader plugs didnt start untill 1996 (or so) so its likely your car uses the old key turn, count the blinks and pauses to get codes.

use the other link from kit to figure out how your codes are read.


As the instructions will show him, the electrical connector has to be jumpered first; and, THEN, he reads the flashes.