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Obd2 codes?

my 01 accord has an abs and srs dash light. I cannot access code with my simple code reader. but you can manually jumper the DLC port so you can count the ABS light flashes. except I am getting a dozen or more sequences of light flashes. I think I am getting flashes for codes that are not even listed for this car. techy person said I might have bad gauge cluster. doesn’t the cluster just read the codes from the abs controller? I would think I have a bad controller?

Head to your nearest Auto Zone or car part store. They usually will scan the codes for free. Good luck.

nope. AZ cannot access abs codes. been told you need $1000+ reader. if I change cluster will it display donor car mileage? not a big deal on my $400 car.

You can get a subscription to for about $30 for a year and get the dealer level, exact repair and maintenance information on your exact car including code definitions. Maybe that will help narrow it down. Or you can go to a junkyard and find one of these 6th generation accords (model years 1998-2002 are the 6th generation cars and have essentially identical innards other than the 4 cylinder is different from the 6 cylinder). There are many of these cars there. And then you can start taking parts off of one and swapping it into yours. The gauge cluster comes out pretty easy, as does the main computer. Ericthecarguy on YouTube has a bunch of videos on “how to pull a Honda xxxxx” including the computer. Most junkyards even offer a 30 day warranty or you can buy a warranty cheap and return the part if it doesn’t fix your problem. That is probably the only other way to troubleshoot this short of finding someone with a Honda dealer level scanner, and pay them hundreds of dollars to figure it out. At least that is what I would do.

a few issues with this car

  1. I cannot clear the srs code. been told the srs module has an event code which
    needs to be cleared or “repaired” by a module repair facility. or replaced
  2. the pcm may be causing unexpected shifting issues which could be remedied
    by changing the pcm. which requires the pcm to be reprogrammed for security key
    which means car will not run without reprogramming
    3.replacing the cluster may assist in solving some of the issues.

I’m as big on DIY as anyone, but this is a case where I would take it to the dealer and pay for the diagnostics. The reason is that the diagnostic equipment is so expensive and the odds that I would ever use it again so remote. This becomes the least expensive option in the long run. We all know how “cheap” guessing and swapping parts can get.

First get a quote for complete diagnostics from the dealer or independent shop that specializes in Honda’s and then determine if you think it is cost effective to do it and keep the car. I would not use book value of the car as a guideline but the value of the remaining expected life of the vehicle minus any upcoming large scheduled maintenance items, i.e. timing belt service, tires, cv joints etc.

I see 01 accord EX V6 cars in the 3500 range at dealers. private party is all over the board. 1000-2000 is typical. some are even higher. there are nice cars for sale you know. I have 500 in car right now. it drives fine. good tires. could use new bumper cover. big crack and corner ding. but it has the darn srs and abs light. and the temp gauge goes to operating temp with cold motor. and than never moves. does not affect how the car drives at all. I have no idea if dealer would laugh if I brought it in and said it has 4 different code issues.

Sorry, I didn’t catch the code types would require a “dealer” type scanner.

Take it to the dealer, pay the money to have it diagnosed. At least that way you’ll know what the problem(s) is/are, and they dealer will kindly give you a repair estimate.

Informed decisions are always better than guessing. Good luck.

[quote=“ledhed75, post:8, topic:104090, full:true”]
Sorry, I didn’t catch the code types would require a “dealer” type scanner. [/quote]They don’t there are many consumer-grade scanners that will read ABS and SRC codes, and they are not that expensive.

can you recommend one?

In a $400 car, I personally would just drive on.

I could buy 200 code reader and than do nothing and easily sell car for 700. So I have a free code reader. Working on cars is my hobby. I don’t really do it for money. I got this car since my last car sold in 4 hrs.

[quote=“oldtimer_11, post:12, topic:104090, full:true”]
In a $400 car, I personally would just drive on.
[/quote]Potentially without ABS and/or airbags? Yes, I know we did without them for years, but people also died at higher rates.